Eat, Entreat And Exult On THANKSGIVING This Year In Australia

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What is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrated the great harvest in the United States of America particularly in the colonial days. Documents show that in 1621 in present day Plymouth, Massachusetts as well as in Virginia in 1619, the puritans and pilgrims who arrived in colonial America from the United Kingdom carried out tradition of days of fasting and days of thanksgiving with them to New England & other parts of the United States.

They celebrate the great harvest in the colonial United States as way for thanking God Almighty for all the agricultural bounties and harvests they are given as blessing. Thanksgiving is a holiday in both the United States and Canada, with Liberia, Grenada and St Lucia following suit. Puerto Rico and Norfolk Island of Australia also hold Thanksgiving as a holiday including Leiden in the Netherlands. The celebration for this event takes place on the 4th Monday of November in the U.S.A while on second Monday in Canada.

In Australia there is no holiday on Thanksgiving but people celebrate it on the last Wednesday of November. It was brought to Norfolk Island by visiting American whaling ships who brought themselves the tradition from America. Thanksgiving in Australia presents a unique opportunity for sellers and shoppers alike because the Black Friday sale happens after Thanksgiving and that discounts for such are amazing.

What Deals To Avail?

Thanksgiving deals are not new in Australia. Though the country had quite a British and English character, it began observing it since the arrival of American visiting ships on Norfolk Island which made its way to the Australian mainland. Given Australia’s purchasing power, the sales on thanksgiving are among the best with a number of items including: electronics, food, drinks, toys, essentials and other items as well. You can avail these hefty discounts at Super Saver Mama making things comfortable for you



Australians are thankful to God Almighty no doubt. They believe in their land and their love for the nation is undoubtedly patriotic. Australia has fought in both world wars and has produced corporations of global repute. Australia is among the most respectable develop nations. There are large mineral deposits, a strong currency, and strong education. They are part of numerous peacekeeping nations as well as exercising positive peacekeeping influence in the region.



Perfect Food with Right Servings

Australians observe Thanskgiving in almost the same way as Americans do. The Turkey is customary, the sweets  and all family members gather together so they can say grace. Saying thanks to God Almighty in prayers and be thankful for all the blessings they got is one of the tradition. Though the discounts on this event have at times received criticism as being too consumerist. Many have seen this as a unique shopping opportunity where Australians of all backgrounds can avail the best deals.

A number of wholesome food stores in Australia have also offered numerous Thanksgiving deals on wholesome food items. Muscle Meal Direct, My Protein, Hello Fresh, Marley Spoon, Menu Log and Vinomofo are offering discount bundles on all food and drink items to help make your event a very happy and merry one.



Today’s life has become quite fast, and at times there are incidences where no one is able to cook daily. The Stores at Super Saver Mama provide the best wholesome tasty meals at the best prices. What’s even heartening is that they offer menus, spices, items and food meals at the best prices. They deliver them at your doorstep in time without delay.



Vinomofo and Wine Market provide the best deals on champagne, wine and whiskey. Having Turkey and wine on this occasion is a great way of saying Thanks at a wholesome meal. Australia is blessed with numerous wine making regions and the nation exports wine. Also, numerous varieties of wine production is being distributed in Australia. The discounts on such items by the whole nation are source of appreciation.

So no need to wait at all. Gear up, saddle up and get ready for shopping this Thanksgiving in Australia. Happy Thanksgiving fellow Aussies!

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